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Able Diagnostics, Inc. is a well established diagnostic and research company founded by a group of passionate and experienced diagnostic product professionals who want to make a difference. We focus on high quality and competitively priced Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems (BGMS), Homecare Medical Devices, as well as Point of Care Testing (POCT) including the lateral flow testing. We are determined to provide reliable, valuable, and dependable products to serve the US market. Able Diagnostics Building, San Diego CaliforniaAt Able Diagnostics, our proven record has demonstrated that we are committed to provide the best care for our customers, patients, and team members. We are also committed to supporting and helping local communities through charitable donations and community outreach.

Our sister company, VivaChek Laboratories, Inc. was established in Wilmington, Delaware, USA in June 2013 with its primary function to serve the International market providing BGMS and POCT products including the lateral flow testing. It has become a reliable supplier with partners in over 120 countries worldwide.

In order to better focus on the US market, Able Diagnostics was established in San Diego, California, USA in Oct 2017. Able Diagnostics not only introduced VivaGuard Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems into the US market, but is also intelligently and efficiently leading key new product development efforts.

Our branches also include VivaChek LifeCare, located in Chennai, India. And our holding company, VivaChek Holding Limited, is located in Hongkong, China.

Our manufacturing center, VivaChek Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, is located in Hangzhou, China. It is a rapidly growing center for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products and new product development. VivaChek Biotech is one of the leading manufacturers in China in terms of the units of Blood Glucose meters sold in Europe. This has been achieved through diligent management team and cooperation among all departments, utilizing key leadership and experiences in the IVD industry. VivaChek Biotech has also been focusing on investment in new product development, and has developed many new high quality products for patients and customers worldwide.

Distribution and OEM

Due to our refined manufacturing process and unique technologies, our products have qualities found in name brand products to produce reliable and accurate test results. Our combination of high quality, advanced key features, and competitive pricing results in true value products that benefit all of our patients and customers. We are confident that all new distributors and partners will find our overall value highly appealing, just as our current distribution partners have concluded by working with us.

Join us today to grow with us and bring the true value of our products to your patients and customers!

In addition to our VivaGuard and VivaDiag brands, we also provide customized packaging and labeling, as well as OEM contract manufacturing and new product development.

New distributors, partners, and OEM customers are always welcomed!

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to grow as a trustworthy POCT solution provider, and deliver high quality and reliable products that exceed customers’ expectations. We are dedicated to our mission and we value the opportunities to help our customers, patients, and communities now and for years to come.

Able Diagnostics: Reliable, Valuable, and Dependable.

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